I made my first garment, a hand-sewn blouse, when I was eight and went on to make skirts, dresses and even suits for myself. I had dreams of being a fashion designer but chose a career in publishing instead. As a hobby I studied art and took classes in painting, color and composition at Brooklyn Museum Art School for eight years.

I forget when I first came across the picture of a traditional American quilt on a magazine cover, but I remember the impact it had on me. I couldn’t wait to see more - Amish quilts, scrap quilts, traditional patterns. From the books and magazines I collected I taught myself to quilt. I owe much to the excellent books of Ruth McDowell, Deirdre Amsden and Libby Lehman.

Quilting became my obsession and my passion. Finally I was ready to devote all my working hours to it and embrace it as a career.

I am now a full-time studio art quilter. I work in a basement studio that I share with my husband, who is also a quilter. I have the benefit of his instant feedback on my work and a colleague ready to offer advice and support.

My work has been sold, widely exhibited, and featured in publications. A highlight of my career came the day my quilt, “The Time Is Now,“ received the Shigeo Hukuda Award in the 6th Quilt Nihon Exhibition in Japan.

I’m a member of Studio Art Quilt Associates, the Quilters Guild of Brooklyn, and the Empire Quilt Guild.